Air Comfort Systems Co. is established reputation for excellence in manufacturing standard and tailor-made products precisely designed and implemented for its customers’ specific needs. With 18 years of experience in production of ventilation and accessories, factory working area of more than 20,000sqms, an experienced tool room and 200+ skilled staff, we make a wide range of egg crate sheets, diffusers and grilles,

Products such as: Aluminum egg crate sheets in various thickness material and sizes. The diffusers and grilles include Louvre Faced Diffusers, Bevel Faced Diffuser, Egg Crate Grille, Single and Double Deflection Grille, Egg Crate Return Air Grille, Door Grille, Fixed Blade Diffusers, Outside Air Louvre, Round Diffuser, Linear Slot Diffuser, Jet Diffusers, Fire Dampers, Plastic Grilles and others. A/C accessories include neck adaptor, Kwiki Kit, manual damper blade, mounting clips and others.

R&D Center in Australia is constantly working to develop, improve and update its current production lines, as well as implementing new and advanced products, production techniques and their adaptation to special projects. We believe that the early involvement in the engineering and architectural planning is a very important point in cases where the products have to be customized to the building according to their function and their general design. Therefore, we work closely with architects, planning engineers, contractors and project managers.

Today, positioning itself as a leading force in the local air condition accessories industry, Air Comfort Systems Co. has also a significant presence in the Australia and other markets that has constantly increased and expended in many years by Air Comfort Systems Co. export department.

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